27 aprile 2022

Seminario: "A new Post-Quantum Signature from Alternating Trilinear Forms" - Giuseppe D'Alconzo

"A new Post-Quantum Signature from Alternating Trilinear Forms"

Giuseppe D'Alconzo - Politecnico di Torino

Mercoledì 27 aprile 2022 - ore 14:30
Webinar on line su piattaforma Zoom

Il seminario sarà tenuto in italiano

Abstract: While proposals for key encapsulation mechanisms at NIST's post-quantum standardization program have a lot of variety and reliability, the situation for digital signatures is not so adequate. After the recent attack on Rainbow, one of the three finalists, the need for new schemes and new assumptions is crucial, since the remaining finalists are both based on lattices. In this talk, we introduce a new signature based on the work of Tang, Duong, Joux, Plantard, Qiao, and Susilo accepted at Eurocrypt 2022. This scheme uses the hardness of the isomorphism problem for alternating trilinear forms. We show the arguments on the cryptographic assumptions, the complexity class Tensor Isomorphism (TI) introduced by Grochow and Quiao in 2019, and some post-quantum considerations.

Slides dell'evento: Le slides del seminario si possono scaricare qui application/pdf (603,42 kB).

Pubblicato il: 22/04/2022